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  Level Up Town Hall: Let’s Talk About Change
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Level Up Town Hall: Let’s Talk About Change

 To enact change in the tech industry for people of color, we want to make moves that will have real impact. What better way than to ask people what they want and need to see?

We’ll have an intimate gathering moderated by Code2040’s VP of Programs, Karla Monterroso, with input from special contributors, but the entire event will be a forum open to the input and questions from anyone in the group.

Discussion during this town hall will be centered around how we can improve three areas:

(1) Access to jobs in tech / ensured success for those in tech jobs;

(2) Access to resources for entrepreneurs of color building startups today;

(3) The support network which connects people of color in tech to each other.

The audience is open to all races and genders, and all are welcome to provide input, though there will be emphasis on the needs of the Black and Latinx community.

Moderator: Karla Monterroso


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